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The Coach for the English-Speaking Expatriates in France



Coaching is a powerful alliance between two people, you and me, that can produce exceptional results, usually within a short period of time. It is partnering with you to grow, learn, develop and create sustainable and positive learning. It will help you discover what really matters to you and find out what brings you fully alive. Coaching will draw out the very best in you, and then guide you toward a more productive, balanced and fulfilling life. 

The coach is not a problem solver, a teacher, an adviser, an instructor or even an expert. He is a sounding board, a facilitator, a counselor, an awareness raiser. I am helping you to learn rather than teaching you 

Coaching honors the client as the expert in his life and work, and believes that every client is creative and resourceful. Standing on this foundation, you may expect me to: 

     • Encourage and believe in you 100%
     • See things about you that you do not see about yourself, and tell the truth about this
     • Encourage your self discovery by asking you the hard questions
     • Help you set better goals, generate solutions and strategies
     • Hold you responsible and accountable

Coaching is not therapy. Coaches do not work on "issues" nor get into the past or deal much with emotional/behavioral problems and disruptive situations. Psychotherapy’s primary focus is on healing. In coaching, the primary focus is on evolution and manifestation of potential. Healing is often a side effect. 

See ethics and standards of The International Coach Federation

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