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The Coach for the English-Speaking Expatriates in France


Born and raised in Paris, France, I graduated with a major in Marketing and Advertising from the Superior School of Commerce. Right after college, I left for a year in New York. It was November 1st, 1990. I never went back. I fell in love with the city, its exciting people and its freedom. 

I started my own business in 1993 and became a well known agent for fashion photographers. Over the years, I realized how well I could connect with the people I was involved with through my work. Intuitively, I could "read and feel" the full potential of these talented young artists, plan and design a strategy for them to be successful and help them achieve their goal by producing exceptional images. Working as an agent for 15 years made me a mentor, a guide, a coach. 

I am now in the second phase of my life having returned to my native country where I have currently been coaching many English-speaking expatriates and their spouses. I am pleased to bring the same focused coaching techniques that benefited my fellow expatriates in the USA and all over the world since 2004, specifically by making them feel better about themselves, their work, and about their relationships.

As an American and French citizen, trained at New York University, member of the American Association of French Speaking Health Professionals, I have been accredited as an Associated Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. The ICF (see link below) is the worlds largest Non-Profit coaching organization, and exists to build, support and preserve the integrity of the profession.


While my clients in France come from several different countries, currently I am working only with English-speaking expatriates and their spouses. It includes bankers, physicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, socialites, clearly people from different backgrounds but with one thing​ in common: They are all willing to commit to a better, richer and deeper personal life.

I currently share my life between New York, Paris and Biarritz.

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