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The Coach for the English-Speaking Expatriates in France



Thank you for visiting my website and congratulations on taking the first step toward what might be a new and exciting collaboration between the two of us. 


My name is Nicolas Serres-Cousiné and after spending the last fifteen years of my life in New York City coaching French people living abroad, I am back in my native country, France, coaching English-speaking expatriates and their spouses living in Europe and all over the world. My experience as a coach accredited by the ICF, being an expatriate myself with American and French Citizenship, could benefit any man and woman who is struggling to figure out any important professional and/or personal dilemma they may face.

If my clients come from different backgrounds, careers and family situations, they are all asking themselves the same questions:

Do I live the life I want ?

Is it time to think of myself first ?

Should I finally find my true passion ?

What is my purpose in life ?

How could I reinvent who I am and finally do what I always wanted to do ?

Being far away from our native home, our parents, our friends, having to adapt to a new country, a new language and a new culture could not only make you feel lost, alone, or disenchanted, it may also have the effect of bringing up critical issues which were buried deep inside us long before becoming an expatriate.

Not knowing what is next on our journey can be seen as a painful, frustrating, sad or confusing experience, but with the appropriate coaching it could become a great opportunity to grow as a human being and finally get the life you want, the one which has been waiting for you for too long.

Do you really want to change something important in your professional and/or personal life but you do not know how ? Working together we will uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck and clarify your vision.

Your questions have answers.

The answers are in you.

My mission is to help you find them.

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"You are so helpful to me. What you draw my attention to is important and basic things. I think I am "getting it". Its great to get feedback from you and your observations are "right on". I think about what we talk about often during the week. I feel like I've come a long way and I'm feeling better about myself. I appreciate your support. You are very good at what you do! "

-Norman.  42 year old, Banker

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